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Philosophy of Our Lights

The lights on our building change daily and sometimes minute by minute. Every day can be different, in the financial community, the business community and within the community of our client base. The lights we chose to illuminate our building represent the world we live in and the view our professional staff takes in this changing world we all share.

Breznicky Associates, P.C. stands ready for the changes that invariably come within every client's financial cycle, the changes that affect our clients' businesses, families and their futures. We therefore chose to invest in lights that would communicate our professional philosophy, while enhancing the town center where we reside, in an environmentally friendly and progressive manner.

The lights on our building are LED - Light Emitting Diodes. They are controlled by a dedicated computer terminal and the range of both color selection and color patterns is infinite. (Left only to our creativity and sometimes whim of the moment.) But more important they are part of a greater effort. Situated at the entrance to the town of Ambler, our building provides a gateway into a resonating Main Street Community. We are participants in the renaissance of a thriving town where restaurants and culture are blossoming. LED lights use one third the amount of energy that conventional lights use. They require no new light bulbs and will last for an estimated 15 years. The Empire State Building is currently converting to LED lights manufactured by the same company that we purchased ours from. Boathouse Row in Philadelphia, along with most major office buildings in metropolitan cities have either converted or are in the process of converting to this contemporary lighting alternative.

As with many alternative earth friendly energy sources, initial outlay is a little more, however, long term results far out perform conventional modalities. In this way, the performance of these lights, mirror our financial philosophy - optimum long term results, facilitated by state of the art analytical techniques.

Additionally, the dynamic nature of the lights allow Breznicky Associates, PC to participate and contribute to community celebrations - using light to set the mood, - be it a patriotic holiday - of red white and blue or a soft pink glow to support breast cancer awareness and support.

Breznicky Associates welcome your inquiries regarding our lighting and our professional services that guide our clients through the challenges presented by the ever changing nature of our domestic and international economy.